Retrieve Files after Using Command-Shift-Delete Keys on Mac

Have you deleted a file using command-shift-delete keys on Mac OS X? Do you want to retrieve the deleted file? It is important to free out some space on Mac machine to improve its performance. Saving lot of files with time can really choke out the hard drive which need to be cleared off periodically. Sometimes in an attempt to clear out unwanted files, you might end up deleting even some important ones. Whenever a file is deleted using Delete command, it is moved to the trash. Now trash is a temporary folder where all the deleted and erased files are stored. It is quite easy to restore items from the trash . So if you delete a file, it is not permanently erased rather it goes to the trash. You have to empty the trash if you really want to get rid of the files stored on trash.


However if you use Command-Shift+Delete keys in combination, the files get deleted without going to the trash. Although it is a shortcut key to delete a file but it should be avoided because then it becomes quite impossible to recover files after using command-shift-delete keys manually. What many of the users are unaware of the fact that even if this key combination is used, it is possible to restore the deleted files.

How Can you Retrieve Files after Using Command-Shift-Delete Keys

When a file is deleted using the command delete keys in combination, what is erased is not the files but the file pointer that has the information of the file such as name, file size, type etc. Thus the OS fails to locate the file on the hard drive but it continues to exist there unless and until it has not been overwritten. The space occupied by such file is made free and awaits to be written by new one. Thus you need to stop using your Mac Computer if you want to restore file after using Command-shift-delete keys. This is where Mac File Recovery Software can play an instrumental role in retrieving deleted files even after using command delete keys. It helps to recover any files like documents, photos, videos, music etc.

User Guide:  How to Run Mac File Recovery Software

Step:1  Download and Install Mac File Recovery Software

Step:2  Select the Drive to be scanned from where the file has been deleted using command shift-delete.

Step:3 The file type is to be selected from

Step:4 After selecting the file type and volume, press on continue button

Step:5 A preview of the deleted file is shown. Select the file to be saved on desired location.


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