Restore deleted trash on Mac Without Any Hassle

Whenever the files are deleted on Mac, it is sent to trash bin and it can be easily located. Mac users can simply click on the restore button or drag the deleted items to the desktop and can easily recover their deleted files. But what happens when you accidentally deleted trash or selected empty trash option accidentally. Is it then possible to restore deleted trash? The problem becomes more complicated when you happen to delete and empty trash on Mac OS X that contained some important files. Are you facing the same scenario? Just stay calm because it is possible to recover and restore deleted trash Mac. It is a misconception that the files are permanently deleted after emptying the trash with no hope and scope to recover them. There is scope and plenty of option ahead for you, if some wise steps are taken.

Firstly, if there is a backup of the deleted files, it can be used to restore deleted trash easily. But when the backup is missing or unavailable you have to look for some other options. Next, there is another option to use Time Machine. Apple has provided this utility to the Mac Computers that have been purchased after November 2007 and loaded with Leopard OS. The program enables the Mac users to restore the deleted items by restoring the point earlier to which, the folder was deleted.

Actually whenever the trash bin is emptied excluding secure emptying, the file is not actually deleted. The users simply cannot access the files as it becomes inaccessible and invisible on the system. The space that was occupied by the deleted files are marked as available and returned to the system for reuse. The files that were actually deleted still remains intact and exist on the drive until they have been overwritten by new files. Such files only get permanently wiped off if it has been overwritten and replaced by another one. To prevent such possibilities, it is recommended that you stop using your Mac with immediate effect. Further, the mac users are advised to look for some data recovery tool. Recovery trash mac software would be an ideal for recovering deleted files even after emptying the trash folder. The tool can be used to recover accidentally deleted items and restore deleted trash without any hassles.

User Guide : How To Restore Deleted Trash on Mac

Step 1: Install and run the application and then select Recovery option

Step-2 : Select Recover hard drive option if you want to restore deleted trash files.

Step-3: In order to restore deleted files from trash bin, select Deleted file recovery from the given options.

Step-4: you will get the list of different volume of hard drive. Select and volume where you wish to restore deleted trash.

Step-5: Select the desired location to restore deleted trash files. But for that you need to purchase the full version of the software.

Download the Software to restore deleted trash on Mac

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