How to Get Back Deleted Files from iMac

Do you want to get back deleted files from iMac? Well there is no doubt in the fact that iMac is one of the most innovative range of desktop that has been proudly designed and marketed by Apple Inc. although it has world class features that ensures large storage space for saving data. But one thing that continues to bother its users is the data loss issues. Yes, since digital data can be lost at any instance of time, you can’t do much about it. However you can be cautious enough and ensure that data does not get deleted due to human mistakes unintentionally.


Some of the probable Reasons for File deletion on iMac

Accidental deletion: users might happen to delete some of the important files unintentionally in an attempt to erase unwanted files. But they end up in deleting some important files which might be needed later.

Emptying Trash: When the trash is cleared without cross checking the files that are stored on it. As soon as the trash is emptied, the files become inaccessible and cannot be restored to its default location.

Infected files get erased by Antivirus: if the files stored on iMac is infected, it might get deleted by antivirus software without any warning. This is done in order to protect your iMac from virus infection. However, the file might be important for the users.

Whatever might be the reasons for the loss or deletion of the files on iMac, its recovery is possible provided you do not overwrite these files. It is advised not to use iMac further for saving and writing new files. In the meantime, you can try Mac File recovery software to recover and get back deleted files from iMac. It is an advanced utility that helps to restore erased data from HFS, HFS+ and HFSX volume on iMac. However kindly ensure that you do not download the software on the same drive on iMac from where the file has been deleted/erased. You can try its demo version to evaluate how effective is this tool. Once satisfied with its performance you can go for its licensed version.

User Guide: How to Run the Tool to Get back Deleted Files on iMac

Step:1 Download and install Mac File Recovery Software on iMac


Step:2 Launch the software and select the drive to be scanned


Step:3 Select the file type and mode


Step:4 Press on the continue button


Step:5 The preview is displayed after scan is completed. Select the file to be recovered on desired destination using licensed version.



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